The Ta’na’na Silk Holiday Gift Guide for the Nature Lover on Your List!

Written by Stella Gryler


Posted on November 11 2020

With the holiday season fast approaching, it’s time to start thinking about gifts. 2020 has been a long, hard year and there’s (almost) no better way to tell someone you care than by giving them a thoughtful gift. We want to help make that easy for you! Here at Ta’na’na Silk, you can find something for everyone: from the die-hard environmentalist to the inspired artist or aspiring interior designer, everyone will find something to love about our unique Wild Silk and Raffia products.

For the environmentalist or humanitarian on your list, what kind of gift says “I care about you and the things that are important to you” better than a Ta’na’na Silk product? All of our products are handmade using eco- and wildlife friendly processes that support the conservation of Madagascar’s unparalleled biodiversity. Not only that, but 100% of the profits from Ta’na’na Silk are returned directly to our team of Malagasy artisans, allowing our team members to earn a living wage. 

We have hand-picked some of our favorite items for every budget (prices starting as low as $16 and reaching up to $218) and a variety of interests. Keep reading for gift-giving inspiration!

Wild Silk and Raffia Table Linens
table runner bombyx from madagascar

While we may not be able to gather closely around the table with our extended or chosen family to share warm holiday meals this year, there is nothing stopping us from having a dining table that looks beautiful. Our exquisite placemats and table runners will bring holiday cheer and unmatched elegance to your dining room. Choose from a wide variety of colors and materials with prices starting as low as $22.50.

Wild Cocoon Silk Baskets
wild silk baskets from madagascar

One of our most popular items, these gorgeous cocoon silk baskets trimmed with woven raffia should have a place in every home. A perfect gift for the budding interior designer or houseplant enthusiast, these baskets are great as a desktop pencil holder, a decorative indoor plant container, or just about anything else you can think of. Baskets are available in sizes from 4-13 inches tall and more colors and patterns than you can possibly imagine, starting at just $20. 

Wild Silk and Raffia DIY Art Kits
wild silk and raffia scrap packs

If someone you know is in search of creative inspiration, look no further than our Wild Silk and Raffia DIY Art Kits. Whether a professional or amateur, any artist will be thrilled with the unique materials offered in these packets. Opening one of these is a visual and tactile delight- try not to be overwhelmed by the distinctive textures and colors of the materials that come spilling out. Priced at just $35, these art kit packets have a value of $50 and come with a DIY project guide!

Handwoven Raffia Panels
handwoven raffia panels from Madagascar

The organic texture and natural dye patterns of these hand woven raffia panels come together to make aesthetic wall hangings in muted tones. Inspired by the flora and fauna of the Madagascar rainforests, the designs of these textiles are a beautiful reminder of the natural world. For those who find endless beauty in nature and are constantly seeking ways to incorporate it into their home decor, these panels are the ideal gift. Our hand-woven and hand-dyed raffia panels are available in two different sizes, starting at $45.

SEPALI madagascar team members

And for the person who has everything, or if you would rather your money go even further in supporting conservation and poverty alleviation efforts in Northeastern Madagascar, you can give the gift of a donation. By donating through our Global Giving site, you contribute directly to helping our network of farmers and artisans earn a living wage and protect Madagascar’s unparalleled biodiversity. For those who aren’t so materially-inclined, a donation to CPALI could be the most meaningful gift you give.

We hope this brief guide helps in your search for the perfect holiday gifts! Check out our website for even more unique wild cocoon silk and raffia products.



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