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Ta'na'na Newsletter #4

This week we get to meet Mamy Ratsimbazafy and Lalaina Raharindymby, two key members of our team in Madagascar. The folks behind the scenes at Ta'na'na are working to bring you new products, more inventory, and more of the same high-quality, unique Wild Silk and Raffia products. Stay tuned over the coming weeks for new products and exciting updates, and keep reading for introductions, product highlights, and an FAQ!

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Types of Wild Silk

To someone unfamiliar with our products or project, some of our product pages might sound like gibberish! What do Ceranchia, Bombyx, Borocera, Suraka, and Argema mean, anyway?! To try to help our customers understand what we're all about, we've put together this short guide to the different kinds of Wild Silk we make and sell.

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