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The Ta’na’na Silk Holiday Gift Guide for the Nature Lover on Your List!

With the holiday season fast approaching, it’s time to start thinking about gifts. 2020 has been a long, hard year and there’s (almost) no better way to tell someone you care than by giving them a thoughtful gift. We want to help make that easy for you! Here at Ta’na’na Silk, you can find something for everyone: from the die-hard environmentalist to the inspired artist or aspiring interior designer, everyone will find something to love about our unique Wild Silk and Raffia products. For the environmentalist or humanitarian on your list, what kind of gift says “I care about you and the things that are important to you” better than a Ta’na’na Silk product? All of our products are handmade...

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Why Madagascar?

Have you ever wondered "Why Madagascar?" Despite millions of dollars in conservation aid directed to Madagascar, it remains a global conservation priority. Learn how we identified and worked to fill a need for a new approach in Madagascar conservation efforts.

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Types of Wild Silk

To someone unfamiliar with our products or project, some of our product pages might sound like gibberish! What do Ceranchia, Bombyx, Borocera, Suraka, and Argema mean, anyway?! To try to help our customers understand what we're all about, we've put together this short guide to the different kinds of Wild Silk we make and sell.

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