Ta'na'na Madagascar Holiday Gift Guide 2021

Written by Stella Gryler


Posted on November 11 2021

In case you haven’t noticed, the holiday season is in full swing! To help make your holiday shopping a little bit easier, we’ve curated a list of some of our favorite products. Still searching for the perfect gift for the perfect hostess? It’s on this list. How about the die-hard environmentalist who insists they don’t want any more “stuff”? We’ve got you covered. Seriously- you’ll be surprised how many people you can check off with the selection below.



Wild Silk Mini Moth Wall Art

gif showing variations of mini moth wall art depicting silk moths native to Madagascar and used to make Ta'na'na Silk wild silk: ceranchia apollina silk moth, antherina suraka silk moth, argema mittrei silk moth, and all three pictured together.


This delightful wall art represents three of the wild silk moths that produce our unique silk: Ceranchia apollina, Argema mittrei, and Antherina suraka. When framed on your wall, these artistically detailed depictions are a charming nod to the beauty of the natural world. A perfect addition to a nursery, home office, or anywhere you have empty wall space waiting to be filled. Sold individually or in a set of three.

$30 - Shop Now



UNDER $100

Raffia Shibori Table Runner

Ta'na'na silk raffia table runners handmade in Madagascar displayed on a tall ladder and a step ladder. All colors are layered: indigo, brown, charcoal, burgundy, terra cotta, and turquoise. Two different patterns are shown: turtle pattern and cocoon and moth pattern.


In a selection of appealing earthy tones, our Raffia Shibori Table Runners are the ultimate accessory for any tabletop. Durable and striking, these table runners will not only last for years but catch the eye again and again. They are hand-dyed in the Shibori method and feature patterns that artistically acknowledge the project that their sales support.


$60 - Shop Now



Wild Silk Charger

a ceranchia dense charger handmade in madagascar is held in front of a window, displaying it's translucent qualities. It is a neutral color with a slight shimmer. Each cocoon is visible in the backlit lighting. It is held by two white hands.



These delicate chargers will bring an understated elegance to any table. The soft golden hue of the undyed Ceranchia cocoon silk seems to make the whole table shimmer, and complements every table setting with a natural simplicity. 


 $70 - Shop Now




UNDER $250

Wild Silk Shibori Basket

a gif showing a rotation of some of the different wild silk baskets handmade in Madagascar that we offer. There is a bright pink turtle pattern one, a sapphire blue stick pattern one on display holding a bath towel, an emerald green stick pattern one on display holding houseplants, and a brown and black turtle pattern one.


These soft-sided cocoon silk baskets are one of our most popular items, and for good reason: they are beautiful and functional, artwork with a practical use. Perfect for the aspiring interior designer or house plant enthusiast, these baskets are great for just about any use you can think of. Baskets are available in a range of sizes for purchase individually or as a nesting set. 


$50-$240 - Shop Now 



Wild Silk Moon Reflecting on Water Wall Art

image showing the full moon reflecting on water wall hanging, hung on a plane white wall. in front of the artwork is a white rocking chair with a blue denim jacket draped over the back of it. beside the chair, also in front of the wall hanging, is a ta'na'na silk sapphire blue wild silk basket with a houseplant in it. The artwork itself is in a bold shade of blue with a gradient, surrounding a round white section representing the moon. It is handmade in Madagascar. there is a white stripe towards the bottom representing the moon's reflection in the water.


Bright and pure, this wall hanging is a striking depiction of the full moon reflecting on the ocean off the coast of northeastern Madagascar. Although inspired and created across the globe, it’s a scene that feels intimately familiar: the brilliant white of the moon against the vivid blues of the night sky and shimmering water  - can you feel the crisp evening breeze on your face and hear the water lapping at the shore?

 $240 - Shop Now




Madagascar Dreaming Wall Art- $1000

Madagascar Dreaming wall hanging, a large, delightful collage filled with more and more detail the closer you look, hangs on a white wall between two windows covered in white curtains. In from of the wall hanging is a white chair and a houseplant.


Our showcase piece, and the ultimate gift for someone who never stops dreaming. Each rendition of this limited edition work is a one-of-a-kind masterpiece made as part of a month-long collaboration of the SEPALIM artisan team. To truly understand the significance and beauty of this tapestry requires a vivid imagination and a desire to be inspired: look closely to discover an exquisite celebration of life and love.

$1000 - Shop Now



Well, what are you waiting for? Start shopping!



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