Cocoon Silk Curtains
Cocoon Silk Curtains
White as the driven snow cocoon silk curtains.  Hide the inside but from  out but still adds light to your room. Hand made.  Custom sizes  available.
Borocera curtains, natural color, beautiful hand made in Madagascar and screen you're interiors.
Borocera cocoon silk curtain - obscures outside but lets in the light!  Natural color
Ceranchia open weave curtain adds light but blocks outside images.  Custom sizes available.
White as the driven snow!   Individual cocoons are sewn into breathtakingly beautiful silk curtains.  Block  outside images while adding light to your room.
Ceranciha open weave silk reveals patterns within patterns like clouds in the sky.  Obscures outside images while letting in the light!
Reflect like solid gold made from cocoons  hand sewn.  These silk cocoon  curtains hide interiors from the outdoors but  reflect indoor light brightening any room.

Cocoon Silk Curtains

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Cocoon silk curtains are a unique and beautiful addition to your home.  We make  39"x118" curtains from four different types of cocoon silk that will brighten up any room with their translucent properties.  During the daytime, the curtains obscure objects behind them; at night, images are outlined or blocked, depending on cocoon density.  These undyed textiles come in white, tan, and gold - unique, sustainable and handmade.  Looking for a custom size?  Contact us!

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