The Village Wall Hanging

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This beautifully detailed artwork was inspired by the townspeople of Maroantsetra, which is the home of the artisans who crafted this piece.  An inventive collaging technique is used to illustrate the daily activities of residents in a bustling close-knit community, and the important role that interconnection and relationships play in everyday life. 

The artwork is formed by connecting the collaged townspeople using a gridwork of twisted raffia, giving this piece a truly unique look that's sure to captivate you with its exquisite detail.  It is hand-crafted from Madagascar cocoon silk and raffia. 

Each piece of this limited edition work is a one-of-a-kind masterpiece and made as part of a month-long collaboration of the SEPALIM artisan team. It is a true visual depiction of the intrinsic value, comfort, and significance of community. 

This work of art is sustainably sourced and completely handmade by our artisan group SEPALIM, a poverty alleviation organization in northeastern Madagascar.  SEPALIM invests in local leadership and community led initiatives, and works to link artisans and farmers to global markets.  100% of the profits from Tanana are returned to our team in Madagascar.