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This earthy beauty was inspired by the colors found in the mountainous central highlands of Madagascar, where this piece was made.  The striping style is representative of the traditional patterns which have been used for centuries by Madagascar silk weavers.

It is completely hand-crafted (hand spun yarn, hand dyed, and hand woven on a floor loom).  The women of the Lovasoa Cooperative craft each piece in their small village called Soatanana, literally meaning "good town". 

This scarf is made from 100% wild Borocera silk which is a species of silkworm only found in Madagascar.   The lustrous wild silk shimmers in the sunlight.   

Dye details:

  • the golden colored yarn is dyed with Madagascar turmeric root.
  • the green colored yarn is dyed with several different types of leaves, as well as eucalyptus leaves, salt, and ash which are used to "fix" the natural dyes so they will not run or fade. 
  • the linen colored yarn is natural undyed wild Borocera silk.

This beautiful piece will last a lifetime.  

Your purchase directly helps a weaver in this cooperative support her family.  It also preserves the cultural tradition of silk weaving in Madagascar.

Each piece comes with a lovely tag that tells the story of the silk and has washing instructions.

Washing instructions: Dry cleaning is recommended.