Trano Soa Wall Hanging

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This intricate hand-crafted artwork was inspired by village life in Madagascar. It's name "trano soa" translates to "good house", as this piece represents the beauty and comfort of home.  It depicts a colorful variety of homes and buildings which serve as the foundation of a local community.   

The artwork is formed by connecting the collaged houses using a gridwork of twisted raffia, giving this piece a truly unique look that's sure to captivate you with its exquisite detail.  It is hand-crafted from Madagascar cocoon silk and raffia. 

Each piece of this limited edition work is a one-of-a-kind masterpiece and made as part of a month-long collaboration of the SEPALIM artisan team. It is a warm, welcoming artistic reflection of community and home. 

This work of art is sustainably sourced and completely handmade by our artisan group SEPALIM, a poverty alleviation organization in northeastern Madagascar.  SEPALIM invests in local leadership and community led initiatives, and works to link artisans and farmers to global markets.  100% of the profits from Tanana are returned to our team in Madagascar.