Ta'na'na Newsletter #7

Written by Stella Gryler


Posted on October 09 2020

We’re back! In this week’s issue of the Ta’na’na Silk newsletter, learn about how we make our silk, get first access to a new shipment of products, and get a glimpse into our artisans’ inspiration for their designs.

The Silk-Making Process

rearing net processing cocoons textile production

Have you ever wondered how, exactly, our cocoon silk textiles are made? Well, today is the day you get to learn! The process begins with our farmers, who raise native trees and plants from seed and use them to rear silkworms. When the cocoons are ready, the farmers collect the pupae, removing the cocoons using a special no-kill method, and shelter the pupae until they emerge as moths. Then, the cocoons are delivered to our artisans, where they are sorted and prepared for sewing. This step of the process includes cutting and ironing the cocoons to flatten them. Next, the cocoons are sewn together by hand to create our signature Wild Silk textiles. If desired, the finished textiles can be dyed with our eco-friendly dyes or made into other products. For more pictures and details about this process, visit our blog, Behind the Silk.

Product Highlight: New at Ta'na'na

small baskets with pepper plant in them

We recently received a shipment of all-new products from our team in Madagascar, and we know you’re going to love them as much as we do! Check out exciting new tableware, wall décor, and baskets on our website before they sell out!

Nature-Inspired Designs

tortoise-inspired textiles blue coua inspired textile

Ta’na’na Silk’s artisans are constantly inspired by the incredible ecosystem they are a part of, and you can often see the effects of this inspiration in our products! From Radiated Tortoise raffia to Blue Coua tapestries, our nature-inspired designs stand out in our inventory and are sure to be eye-catching in your home.

Trade Shows in the Age of COVID

Like everyone else, we have had to adapt to all the changes and challenges presented by this pandemic. Last week, we checked off an important milestone: our first virtual trade show! By all counts, it was a great success, and we look forward to participating in more of these in the future. In the meantime, check out this beautiful introductory video that highlights our project and why it is important, now more than ever.



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