Ta'na'na Newsletter #6

Written by Stella Gryler


Posted on September 22 2020

Hi! We’re so glad to see you here! Did you know that our business has real, tangible impacts on conservation in Madagascar? And that we support arts education in schools? Keep reading to learn about two of the many ways we are making a difference, and to act on your last chance to WIN your very own Wild Silk basket! 

grandfather and grandson with young tree

30,000 Trees

Ta’na’na Silk is the online market for CPALI/SEPALIM, a US-Madagascar NGO partnership dedicated to providing subsistence farmers with a supplemental income through Wild Silk production while working to conserve endangered rainforests. Just one of the ways our project addresses these issues is through reforestation! Only about 10% of Madagascar’s old growth forests still exist, the rest having been cleared for farming or cut for their hardwoods. Our project takes advantage of the natural succession of regrowth and incentivizes the regrowth of these hardwood forests by identifying native silk moths that thrive on these plants and teaching farmers how to use, and thus protect, vegetation that once had no value to them. Since our project began in 2009, our farmers have planted over 30,000 trees!

mosaic wall hanging

Product highlight: Mosaic Silk Panels are BACK!

We are so excited to announce that we received a new shipment from Madagascar that includes one of our favorite products: incredible Wild Silk Mosaic Wall Panels! These 24" x 64" beautifully colorful panels are perfect for brightening any room. Act quickly to get yours while they last- each unique panel is lovingly handmade, so we have limited stock of one of our most popular items!


Last Chance to WIN!

Today is the last day of our contest and giveaway!! Don’t miss out on this chance to WIN a free Wild Silk basket of your choosing! All you have to do is guess how many whole Ceranchia cocoons are in this delivery that our team in Madagascar received last month! Whoever guesses the closest to the correct answer WINS! But remember- you only have until midnight to enter

art squares

Wild Silk in the Real World:

Check out the Wild Silk work of Ta'na'na volunteer Nikki Gryler in the upcoming ArtSquared virtual show! These gorgeous 6x6 collage squares are one-of-a-kind pieces made from our Wild Silk & Raffia scrap packs. Purchase a unique piece of handmade Wild Silk art for your home and support Arts Education! Online preview & sales will launch September 25-October 2.



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