Ta'na'na Newsletter #3

Written by Stella Gryler


Posted on August 26 2020

Ta'na'na Silk in August!

Can you believe it’s August already? We sure can’t! Depending on where in the world this newsletter finds you, you may be hiding inside from the temperature or already starting to notice the changing of the seasons. Either way, we hope that this newsletter can transport you for a moment to the wonders of the Wild Silk of Madagascar.

The Brains Behind Ta'na'na Silk

Cay Craig

Meet Cay Craig, our founder and director! Cay, a conservation biologist by training, wanted to put her vast knowledge and experience to use affecting positive change in a place close to her heart. Many years after she first spent time in Madagascar, Cay returned and was struck by the loss of forest and its effect on surrounding populations. For almost two decades, Cay has worked with a devoted team of experts in the US and Madagascar to develop Wild Silk production as a form of supplementary income for the Malagasy subsistence farmers that make up SEPALIM, reducing stress on the vital rainforest ecosystems that make Madagascar so unique. Ta’na’na Silk’s new website and newsletter is just the latest initiative supporting the positive impact Wild Silk production has on our Malagasy team, their families, and the surrounding forests.

New at Ta'na'na Silk

We are now selling wild silk curtains! These curtains, made from undyed Ceranchia, Borocera, and Bombyx wild silk are currently available as full-length 38” x 118” curtains or can be made-to-order specially for your home. Light plays through the curtains during the day and on full moon nights creating an ever-changing pattern of natural color, texture, and design. Get yours on our website now or place a custom order by emailing tananasilk@gmail.com.

FAQ: How are your Wild Silk products wildlife friendly?


The answer is simple- unlike most silk producers, we don’t kill the silkworms we collect our silk from! Our Malagasy team uses a special no-kill method in which whole cocoons are collected and silkworms are protected and returned to their habitat with no harm done. When you buy our products, you can feel good about your impact on every part of the Malagasy ecosystem our project is striving to conserve! 

Opening Sale: one month left!

makira moon panel displayed behind couch with cat on it

Just one month left of our opening sale! Don't miss out on up to 50% off on our entire inventory including home decor, accessories, and art supplies. Remember- you only have until August 31 to take advantage of this huge sale!


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