Ta'na'na Newsletter #2

Written by Stella Gryler


Posted on August 26 2020

COVID-19 & Rainforest Protection, all in one!

Hello! We hope you are well and enjoying the mid-summer heat. In this issue, learn about our COVID-19 face masks and read to the end for a fun fact about the cocoons used to make our textiles!

An update from Madagascar

covid-19 wild silk face masks

Our team in Madagascar has taken over mask production! After working with our US-based team to develop a plan and pattern for hand-making safe, effective COVID-19 face masks, our Malagasy team is ready to supply our Ta’na’na Silk online market. We received this picture from our SEPALIM team leader- aren't they beautiful? While we wait for the first shipment to come in, we still have some face masks handmade by our US team in stock- get your very own while they last!

Opening Sale

egyptian red and natural ceranchia open table runner

Our opening sale is still happening! Don't miss out on up to 50% off on our entire inventory including home decor, accessories, and art supplies. Remember- you only have until August 31 to take advantage of this blowout sale!

Shop sale now!

Product Highlight: Wild Silk Face Masks

red wild silk face mask on model

Our handmade COVID-19 face masks are a gorgeous choice to expand your mask selection. Made with two layers of cotton and one layer of Ceranchia silk with an inner pocket for a disposable filter, our masks meet guidelines provided by leading health officials. Help protect yourself and your community while supporting conservation and poverty alleviation efforts in Madagascar! Get yours for only $35 on our website.

Ta'na'na Fun Fact!

Each Ceranchia silkworm cocoon has an inner and outer layer! The outer cocoon is used for "Ceranchia Open" textiles and the inner cocoon is used for "Ceranchia Dense" textiles.

pictured, left to right: a whole, undyed Ceranchia cocoon; separated and dyed inner and outer Ceranchia cocoons

     whole, undyed Ceranchia cocoon         Separated and dyed Ceranchia inner and outer cocoons



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