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Wild Gathered Non-Woven Handmade Cocoon Silk Paper Madagascar (4” x 6”)

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Material: suraka
Color: natural color only
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The Non-Woven Cocoon Silk Papers from Madagascar are available in Suraka and Ceranchia cocoon varieties.  Find out more about each variety of Cocoon Silk. The handmade Ceranchia Paper is available in both dense and open versions.  The dense paper is made from the inner layer of the cocoon which is opaque.  The open paper is made from the outer layer of the cocoon and is more translucent.  Each paper contains about 9 cocoons depending on the species and the size of each cocoon.  The cocoons are stitched together with clear filament that disappears in the texture. 

These sheets of Non-Woven Cocoon Silk are beautiful just as they are.  Use them as a mat to protect a surface or to add texture and interest to a side table or coffee table.  Stitch them together or stitch on them.  Make them part of your collage or art project.  Use fabric glue to stick them together. 

Available in several colors.

Sustainably sourced and made in Madagascar by CPALI, a poverty alleviation NGO in north eastern Madagascar that invests in local leadership, community ownership and links these partners to global markets.

Care:  Hand-wash only, warm or cold water. Iron with steam iron on low-heat setting and place a pressing guard sheet over the silk to protect it while you iron.

To place your order, select the variety of silk and then the color.