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Lavender Filled Wild Cocoon Silk Sachets

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These scented sachets are handmade with wild cocoon silk from Madagascar and stuffed with lavender from a small family farm in Eastern Washington. The heavenly aroma of these sachets is rivaled only by their beautifully intricate designs. Carefully stitched by hand, no two sachets are alike.  Perfect for scenting your wardrobe or relieving stress while sitting at a desk all day, these little packets of lavender and silk will fill your home with fragrance. 

The wild silk cocoons used to make the outer casing are sustainably raised and harvested using a no-kill method by our farmers in northeastern Madagascar and lovingly processed by hand in our artisans' workshops. You can learn more about each of the wild silk varieties here and about our silk-making process here.

These sachets were sustainably sourced in Madagascar by CPALI, a poverty alleviation NGO in northeastern Madagascar that invests in local leadership, community ownership and links these partners to global markets.  100% of the profits from Ta’na’na Silk are returned to Madagascar.

Care:  Hand-wash only, warm or cold water. Iron with steam iron on low-heat setting and place a pressing guard sheet over the silk to protect it while you iron.